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S.O.S. Spring Safari 2011

Posted in Music Stories by darielb on April 19, 2011

The ten-day adults-gone-wild party better known as  S.O.S. Spring Safari has just wound down, leaving thousands of shaggers, musicians, club owners, servers and workers exhausted … but already gearing up for the next one. Here are a few highlights of Spring S.O.S. 2011.

Birthday boy Mike Taylor and the Holiday Band kicked off S.O.S. at Duck’s. (Photo Jim Allen)

The Surf is back! Did you catch Ted Bell and the Surf van out on Main Street? (Photo Jim Allen)

Rickey Godfey put in an appearance at Papa’s Pizza on the road to Calabash!

Rhonda McDaniel ridin’ in style at the infamous S.O.S. parade. (Photo Jim Allen)

Dolly McDermott struttin’ her stuff at the Two Blondes on the Beach Fashion Show. (Photo Jim Allen)

Steve Bassett brought his immense talent and sound to the Spanish Galleon.

Some folks left O.D. long enough to catch Donny Trexler at Poos Tuesday night.

Mark Roberts with Mandy and the little Lima Bean. (Photo Jim Allen)

Hip Pocket was a big hit at Deckerz on Saturday. (Photo Jim Allen)

It’s Just Another Day In Paradise for Calabash Flash!

CWB on the Boom Dock. YEAH!

Boom Boom’s Raw Bar, another reason to leave O.D. once in a while.

Deejay Joey Warren at Boom Boom’s KHP party.


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