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Green Dot Discs: New Label Claims Dance Band Niche

Posted in Music Marketing, Music Stories by darielb on May 20, 2009

GD Discs Logo

After talking, planning and working together for months, Andy Smith, Rick Lee and Jeff Scheible  officially formed Green Dot Discs in March of this year.

Andy owns Green Dot Music, which until recently handled Wilmington band Jim Quick & Coastline. Rick Lee is a co-owner/keyboard player of Charlotte, N.C.-based Too Much Sylvia. Jeff Scheible owned Rock Bottom distributing company in Atlanta, Ga. until he closed the business last year.

According to Smith, the fledgling record label is currently focusing on three groups, all which he considers dance bands: Too Much Sylvia, Mark Roberts & Breeze and the Tim Clark Band.

“Our plan is to put out seven products this year,” he told me. “We’ll release a single for each group; a compilation CD that includes probably four tunes from each; and individual CDs for each band.

redsunglasses“The first CD release is Red Sunglasses from Too Much Sylvia during Myrtle Beach’s Sun Fun celebration in early June. The title track is the album’s first single. It’s a lot of fun.”

Mark Roberts & Breeze, formed  in late 2007, is already a popular live act throughout the Carolinas. At the 2008 CBMA awards, the band was named New Group of the Year.

Formerly with 80s rock band Sugarcreek,which was owned by Rick Lee, Tim Clark is known throughout the southeast for his strong vocals and showmanship.

“We have three regional bands with marquee appeal … that are ‘in’ with the beach crowd, so we will definitely be catering to the shag market as well as west coast swing, bop in the north,” Smith says.

What about the future, I wanted to know. Will you be actively seeking to add artists and will they be dance bands?

Smith’s carefully worded answer was, “We’re not looking to sign great numbers of artists. We want to be selective and find the right ‘fit.’ Will they be dance bands? I expect so. At this point, I don’t see us venturing too far from our original idea.”

Next I asked about distribution. “We will be selling CDs from the stage, and all three bands are on the same page here. They’ll be promoting each other’s CDs. The music will also be in local stores and available for download from the Internet. And last, Green Dot Discs will be offering digital download cards.”

The website isn’t up yet, but will be shortly, so give them a little time and then log onto http://www.greendotdiscs.com. Look for more information about the new recording company to come out soon.

This will also be published in my Beach Newz  column(May 21 – Jun 4, 2009, p. 24) in Coast and Alternatives magazines in Myrtle Beach, S.C.


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