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CBMA Nominations: Surprises, Kudos, Glaring Omissions

Posted in Music Stories by darielb on October 30, 2008
(Top to Bottom): Albert Rogers' 'Satisfy My Soul' has been nominated for Smoothie of the Year; Duane Neese, a strong addition to Holiday Band; and Redd Cottle, the dynamic frontman for the mighty Tams. (Cottle Photo by Hany Hosny)
(Top to Bottom): Albert Rogers’ ‘Satisfy My Soul’ has been nominated for Smoothie of the Year; Duane Neese, a strong addition to Holiday Band; and Redd Cottle, the dynamic frontman for the mighty Tams. (Cottle Photo by Hany Hosny)
The nominees for this year’s Carolina Beach Music Awards have been sent out to industry and associate members, and as always they’re causing a stir. I love the ladies noted in the female vocalist category. I think before long, though, they’ll be making way for Belinda Owens from Subway and Becky Fox Baldwin. These two powerhouses won’t go unnoticed for long.
Butch Barnes is deservedly included in this year’s entertainer category, but where is Redd Cottle from the mighty Tams? Think about it folks. He should be there and maybe in the male vocalist category, too.
I was surprised, too, that Mark Roberts wasn’t on the list for male vocalist. If anything, he’s grown stronger since forming Mark Roberts & Breeze, which was nominated for new band.
There’s one other omission I have to mention, and maybe it’s just that enough folks haven’t heard the CD. But the production value on Let My Peoples Dance by Reverend Bubba D Liverance is topnotch. Rev. Bubba produced and Billy Decker was the engineer. I’m floored that it’s not included in both categories.
I asked Willie C if he thought there were any big surprises.”I was happily surprised that Calabash Flash was included in the solo CD category,” he said, “His singles have been charting and people love him.”
I’m glad Albert Rogers’ “Satisfy My Soul” is nominated for smoothie of the year. He’s such an integral member of Coastline that we don’t often acknowledge his individual strength as a vocalist and bass player.
I’m also happy to see Holiday Band getting some notice. Duane Neese has proven to be a great addition to the band – as both a performer and a songwriter.
One last thing, kudos to Jim Quick for declining King Tyrone & the Graveyard Ramblers’ nomination for new group of the year. I think it was the right thing to do.
The major awards ceremony and performances will take place at the Alabama Theatre on Sunday, Nov. 9. Tickets must be purchased at the Alabama Theatre in Barefoot Landing, and run from $38 to $58.
Industry awards will be given on Saturday, Nov. 8 at the Spanish Galleon in North Myrtle Beach. Admission is $5 or free with a CBMA weekend ($50) or day pass ($20). For more information visit http://www.cammy.org.
If you haven’t seen the whole list, check it out for yourself. Here are the nominees.
People’s Nominees
Female Vocalist: Molly Askins; Karen Clayton; Rhonda McDaniel; Pam Russell; Susan Trexler.
Male Vocalist: Butch Barnes; Chuck French; Clint Horton; Jim Quick; Craig Woolard.
Favorite New Artist: Fabulous Hot Dog Daddy O’s; Hip Pocket; Legends of Beach; Mark Roberts & Breeze; Wallstreet.
Song of the Year: Fool If You Think It’s Over (Holiday Band); Mama’s Drinking Liquor Again (King Tyrone & the Graveyard Ramblers); Shadow Shaggin’ (Tommy Black & Blooz); Walk Away From Love (Sea-Cruz); Why Am I Crying? (Rhonda McDaniel).
National Dance/Shag Song: Cupid Shuffle (Cupid); Do That Thang Again (Archie Bell); It Only Hurts Me When I Cry (Raul Malo); Hey Mr. DJ (Lonnie Givens) There Goes My Baby (Kenny Vance).
Group Album: Come Get To This (CWB/Sisbro); Got It Bad For You (Holiday Band/ Ripete); King Tyrone & the Graveyard Ramblers (self titled/KHP); Let My Peoples Dance (Rev. Bubba D Liverance & the Cornhold Prophets/ Ain’t Bad Records); Nothing To Lose (Magnificents/KHP).
Solo Album: Beach Walking (Tim Cashion/Beach Cottage); Nu Soul Stew (Angel Rissoff/ Angel Music); Rhonda McDaniel (Rhonda McDaniel/ KHP); Flash Flood (Calabash Flash/B&F Records); Under One Roof (Gary Brown/KHP).
Internet Radio Show: Beach Music Café (Willie C); Carolina Sounds (Butch Halpin); Simply Shaggin’ (Kyle Beam); Southern soul.com (Keith Houston); Way Down South (Neil “Soul Dog” Furr).

Entertainer: Butch Barnes; Scott Fine; Jim Quick; Bo Schronce; Little John Thompson; Craig Woolard.
Smoothie: Callin’ (Jim Quick & Coastline); Forever Is As Far As I’ll Go (Gary Bass); I’ve Been Loving You Too Long (Magnificents); Satisfy My Soul (Albert Rogers); Shadow Shaggin’ (Tommy Black & Blooz).
Compilation: Coast To Coast (KHP); Forever Summer II (KHP); Keep On Shaggin’ (Ripete/KHP); This Is It (KHP).
Blues Song: A Little Meat On the Side (Sea-Cruz); Mama’s Drinking Liquor Again (King Tyrone & the Graveyard Ramblers); Motor Under the Hood (Holiday Band); Sure Cure For the Blues (Miranda Louise); That’s My Story (Cracked Ice).
Industry Nominees
Producer: Keith Houston & Julian Fowler (Coast To Coast CD / Various); Marion Carter, Keith Houston, Julian Fowler (Forever Summer II CD /Various); Keith Houston (It’s You/Fabulous Hot Dog Daddy-O’s); Keith Houston (Why Am I Crying/Rhonda McDaniel); Keith Houston & Julian Fowler (This Is It CD/ Various).
Engineer: Keith Houston (Coast To Coast CD/Various; Jeremy “Big Jerm” Thomas (Nothing To Lose CD/ Magnificents); Keith Houston (Forever Summer II CD/Various); Keith Houston (Rhonda McDaniel CD/Rhonda McDaniel);Keith Houston (This Is It CD/Various).
Collaboration or Duo: Memories and Souvenirs (Donny & Susan Trexler with Mark Black); Stop Look and Listen To Your Heart (Rickey Godfrey & Rhonda McDaniel); Like To See My Baby (Angel Rissoff & King Tyrone); The Boys Are Back In Town (Young Guns); Over At Mary’s Place (Cliff Ellis & Oscar Toney Jr.).
Songwriter(s): Kim Todd (Baby There’s Something/ Magnificents); Mike Taylor & Duane Neese (Got It Bad For You/Holiday Band); Jim Quick (Mama’s Drinking Liquor Again (King Tyrone & the Graveyard Ramblers); Duane Neese (Motor Under the Hood/Holiday Band); Tommy Black (Shadow Shaggin’/Tommy Black & Blooz).
Michael Branch Award: Julian Fowler (Ripete/KHP); David Hicks (Different Drummer); Keith Houston (KHP ); Willie C (Beach Music Café); Mike Perkinson (Behind the Music).
Instrumentalist: Mark Black (Sax/Legends of Beach); Glen Tippett (Keyboard, Sax, Various) Jim Quick & Coastline; Dino Fair (Keyboard/Sea-Cruz); Jimmy Matherly (Bass/Magnificents); Donny Trexler (Guitar/Donny & Susan Trexler.

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